The idea of Prime Liquids started with the passion and care of a man always looking out for his family. As he grew up watching family members continuously trying to quit smoking and struggle with all the different methods of quitting. He made it his goal to find a way for everyone to quit smoking. As he knew all the health concerns that came along with smoking, he knew he had to act fast and find something that works.
One day while he was on the internet he came across something called vaping e-liquids. As he researched more and more on vaping he came to realize that this may possibly be the best alternative for smoking. Once he knew it was safe he told his family and they all started vaping. The more his family got into vaping the more research he started doing on the liquids. He learned that there are some brands that carry a few chemicals that can be harmful in there liquid. This made him concerned for his family that were all vaping. It was then that he thought of the idea to make his own e-liquids. He knew he couldn’t do this alone, so first he got in contact with his cousin and got him on board with the idea. His cousin knew a lot about e-liquids, but he knew that bringing in a chemist was best to ensure his liquids would be a safe premium e-liquid. Together they did a lot of research on flavours, vg, pg and got a hold of flavour companies to make sure their flavours were safe. With all of this research in hand, they then had the knowledge as to how to create a safe great tasting line of premium e-liquids. After about 3-4 months of working on a line of e-liquids, Prime Liquids first 50/50 line was launched followed by a Max VG line soon after.


Prime Liquids